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We Will Collect our Car When Your's is Repaired

No Cost if You're NOT at Fault


When you are NOT AT FAULT in the accident
We can provide you with a hire vehicle with no outlay needed by you. The costs will be met by the At Fault Insurance company on your behalf. There are no hidden costs that you will be asked to pay.
When you ARE AT FAULT in the accident and have a replacement vehicle option in your insurance policy

The benefits of this are that you do not have to outlay your own money and wait to be reimbursed. Also many hire car firms have a high insurance excess, whereas our insurance excess is a standard low figure.

When you ARE AT FAULT and do not have a replacement vehicle in your policy

We have competitive rates and a convenient delivery service in most areas, ensuring you can carry on with your busy schedule uninterrupted.

Like for Like Car Replacement

At Wilson Auto Accident Management we try and provide like for like vehicles wherever possible. We have an extensive range of new vehicles including small, medium, intermediate, large, 4wd’s, people movers and commercials.

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