About Us

Accident Management & Replacement Vehicles

Our Experience Over Time

WILSON AUTO ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT has been in the Australian market over the last 3 years giving only solutions and ease to customers. We are present in the whole Country, we are qualified in providing accident replacement vehicles to people who have been involved in road traffic accidents.

Qualified People

Trained and passionate people is a feature of Losscare Auto. Our Staff really enjoy the everyday tasks on helping customers. Wilson Auto Accident Management´s staff is proud of being part of a unique team work environment.


  • We have a full range of new vehicles
  • Delivery and collection service (where available)
  • No deposits or credit cards needed
  • Low Insurance excess
  • No surprise fees or charge

Exceptional Service Right When You Need It!

Professional and personal service when you need it most. We make sure to provide the best service at your disposal. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Essential Information

WILSON AUTO ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT provides for “At- Fault” and “Not at-Fault” drivers that either have or do not have insurance.

For drivers that are “Not at-Fault”, will uphold their  WILSON AUTO ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT to uphold their rights against “At-Fault” drivers by conducting third- party debt collection within the legislation and regulation of the commercial agency & Private Inquiry Agents Act 2004.

For drivers that do not have insurance, WILSON AUTO ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT have competitive rates and a convenient delivery service in most areas, ensuring you can carry on with your busy schedule uninterrupted.

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